Display Standees / Impulse Shelf Fixtures

Display Standees are standalone shelving units that can be positioned freely around the retail store to maximise store sale and promote impulse purchases.

Display standees are great for boosting impulse purchases by allowing retailers to easily display sale items prominently where there is customer traffic flow. This is why these standees shelving are also known as "impulse racks" or "impulse shelves".

Maximise Store Space

With a compact footprint design, Austinco's display standees allows retailers to expand their product displays on just a small floor space.

Austinco's standees shelving can be easily repositioned around your store, and the shelves are easily adjustable to accommodate any merchandise, from small and light products such as snacks to heavy items such as bottled drinks.

Generate Revenue

On each unit of Austinco standee, there is sufficient space for product advertisements. Advertising space on the standee can be offered to merchandisers, thus giving retailers a lucrative source of revenue.

Durable Quality

Like all shelving products from Austinco, our standee shelving are fabricated from thick metals and loaded-tested to their stated capacities. Our shelving come with protective finishing coat to ensure the shelving remain looking good as new through the years.

Opening A New Store?

Opening a new store soon? Feel free to contact us to learn more about Austinco gondola display shelving products.

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