Wood Grain Metal Store Shelving

In today's retail landscape, store space is at a premium due to the high and ever-increasing cost of retail rentals. As a result, it is essential for stores to optimise their use of space by attracting customers and creating a pleasant shopping environment.

Since store shelving is a major component of any retail store, one effective strategy to achieve the goal of creating a pleasant in-store shopping experience is to be creative with the store shelving designs. This can be done by using wood-grain finish retail display shelving.


With wood-grain metal shelving, stores can creatively achieve an elegant look without costly renovations, which saves time and money, and maximises revenue.

Austinco's wood-grain metal shelving provides a timber-inspired appearance that transforms your store into a cozy place for browsing and shopping. Additionally, wood-grain metal shelving gives a realistic wood appearance without the downsides associated with using real wood.

  • More durable than wooden shelving
  • Less prone to bending and warping than real wood
  • More scratch resistant than wooden surfaces
  • Does not attract pests and insects

The surface of the shelving is treated with a durable wood-like paint coating that can withstand rough handling and the shelf is constructed from high-quality steel and materials to ensure its durability and sturdiness even under full load.

Austinco's wood-tone store shelving is an excellent option for enhancing the ambience of your store and attracting customers to your retail offerings. With its adjustable configuration, Austinco's wood-texture metal shelving can be easily customised and reconfigured to fit most store space.

Realistic Wood-Grain Textures

There is a variety of wood print patterns to choose from, such as:

  • Pine - A light-coloured wood appearance with visible knots and other natural imperfections.
  • Maple - A light-coloured wood appearance with uniform straight to curly grain pattern.
  • Teak - A yellow-brown wood appearance with a straight, even grain pattern.
  • Cedar - A pale, reddish-brown wood appearance with a visible grain pattern that ranges from straight to wavy.
  • Oak - A coarse-grained, light-coloured wood appearance with attractive grain pattern.
  • Mahogany - A reddish-brown wood appearance with a distinctive, fine, grain pattern.
  • Walnut - A dark, rich-coloured wood appearance with a striking, irregular grain pattern that includes swirls and waves.
  • Cherry - A reddish-brown wood appearance with a fine, straight grain pattern.

Austinco wood grain metal store shelving

Usability Design

Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your store, our wood-grain metal shelving features user-friendly design, ensuring easy stock replenishment, which saves manpower time and costs.

They can also be equipped with lighting underneath to enhance product display and offer flexible options for putting up creative in-store visuals, such as marketing posters, brochures, hangings, standees, clips, etc.

Versatile Configuration

If you need to expand your product display, additional racks and brackets can be attached at both ends of the gondola frames. Additionally, the shelving can be wall-mounted or self-standing as an island gondola, depending on your store's layout and needs.

Why Wood-Grain Metal Shelving is Popular?

Overall, Austinco's wood-grain finish retail metal shelving is a great investment for any store looking to create an inviting shopping experience for customers and maximise its sales potential.

Are you looking for ways to transform your store design to attract greater walk-in traffic and boost store revenue? You can achieve your goal by upgrading your existing store shelving to wood-tone shelving. In doing so, you can minimise the hassle, costs and downtime associated with store renovations.

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