Plastic Impulse Display Strips

Plastic display strips are hooks for hanging products on retail shelves for the purpose of boosting impulse purchases.

These display strips are a brilliant merchandising tool to cross-promote products and to increase store revenue.


Because plastic display strips are designed to hang on existing shelving, retailers can use them to display products without encroaching on valuable shelf space. Thus, display strips are great for space-strapped stores.

Since display strips can be hung anywhere in the store, they can be easily shifted around to optimise shopping experience and boost store sales.


Plastic display strips are useful in many ways:

  • Cross-sell related products and accessories (eg. wine accessories such as corkscrews and stoppers can be hung next to the wine shelving)
  • Showcase products along busy checkout lines to encourage impulse purchases
  • Neat hanging solutions for small packets of products
  • Provide a means to display products without requiring extra shelving

Mounting Options

Austinco's plastic display strips are made of high-quality material. Each strip comes with 12 hooks that securely hold the products. Each hook is sturdy yet flexible, allowing products to be latched on and removed easily.

You can hang our plastic display strips on your existing retail shelves with S hooks, or you can also mount them on walls and flat surfaces.


  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Overall length 615mm
  • Width 38mm
  • 12 hooks spaced 45mm apart
  • Sold in packs of 10

How to Order

To order the plastic display strips, please contact us:

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