Wire Shelving

Austinco Wire Shelving (also known as wire rack) is a shelving unit made out of premium thick steel wires. Our wire shelving units are strong and sturdy, capable of up to 200kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) per shelf.

Austinco wire shelving are sleek and attractive, comes in three beautiful colours (black, chrome, green), and are rust-resistant.

Visually, the wire shelving features a minimalist design as compared to traditional flat metal shelving. Hence, they just look cool in any rooms and settings, and no wonder more house owners are choosing wire shelving instead of traditional wooden or metal shelving.

Wire shelving is suitable in all residential space - bedroom, living hall, balcony, kitchen, bomb shelter, storeroom.

As for commercial use, wire shelving is popular for F&B, health care, cold rooms, warehouses.

Black Wire Shelving

Our black wire shelving comes elegantly in high-gloss black finish that never goes out of style. The beautiful black storage rack adds sophistication to your space and furnishing.

Black wire shelving is aesthetically great and can be used to accentuate the interior designs of your living hall, bedroom, balcony, and kitchen.

black wire shelving and storage rack

Black shelving models

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome wire shelving is the most common colour available in the market. Our electro-plated, nickel-chrome wire shelving comes in brilliant high-gloss finish and is corrosion resistant.

chrome wire shelving and storage rack

Chrome wire shelving is common for storeroom, bomb shelters, shops and office.

Chrome shelving models

Green Epoxy Wire Shelving

The green epoxy coating provides an additional layer of anti-rust and anti-bacteria protection for the shelving. For this reason, green epoxy wire shelving is suitable for cold temperature storage, health care and F&B industries.

Nonetheless, due to its unique colour, the green epoxy wire shelving can also be a beautiful storage unit for residential and office use.

green wire shelving and storage rack

Green epoxy shelving models

Benefits of Wire Shelving

  • Rust-resistant
  • High-gloss finish
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Sturdy structure (200kg UDL) per shelf
  • Adjustable shelf level
  • Resistant to bending and warping
  • Choice of colours - Black, Chrome, Epoxy Green

Uses of Wire Shelving

  • Use as a rack for pots, plants, agriculture
  • Use as shelving rack in kitchen
  • Use as storage rack in storeroom
  • Cold room, refrigerated facilities, freezer rooms (green epoxy wire shelving is recommended for cold storage use due to anti-rust protection to withstand condensation and corrosion)
  • Healthcare, pharmacy, hospital (green epoxy wire shelving is recommended due to anti-bacterial coating)
  • F&B use (green epoxy wire shelving is recommended)

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