Cold Storage Shelving

Water condensation in cold environments can cause metal shelving to rust. Therefore, special shelving should be used in cold rooms, blast chillers, freezer rooms, and refrigerated facilities.

Austinco recommends the Epoxy wire shelving for cold storage facilities. The tough epoxy coating, treated with a durable anti-bacterial agent, protects the metal from condensation and germs.

black epoxy wire rack shelving

Black epoxy shelving models

Strong & Durable

Austinco wire shelving is fabricated with premium thick steel wires. The wire shelving units are strong and sturdy, capable of up to 200kg UDL (uniformly distributed load) per shelf. The higher the UDL, the greater the durability of the shelving, so the wire rack is more resistant to warping and bending under heavy loads.

Wide Usage

While wire shelving is traditionally used in commercial sector (F&B, health care, cold rooms, warehouses), these storage units are also gaining popularity among residential, thanks to their sleek and minimalistic designs.

Wire shelving is ideal for bedroom, living hall, balcony, garden, kitchen, bomb shelter and storeroom.

  • Use as a rack for pots, plants, agriculture
  • Use as shelving rack in kitchen
  • Use as storage rack in storeroom
  • Cold room, refrigerated facilities, freezer rooms (epoxy wire shelving)
  • Healthcare, pharmacy, hospital (epoxy wire shelving)
  • F&B use (epoxy wire shelving)

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