Black Epoxy Wire Shelving (H-86 inch)

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  • Anti bacterial coating
  • Suitable for cold room use

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$ 156.00

  • 4 levels
  • 5 levels
  • 6 levels
  • L-36" x D-18"
  • L-48" x D-18"
  • L-36" x D-24"
  • L-48" x D-24"

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Black Epoxy Wire Shelving (H-86 inch) Storage Rack

Black epoxy-coated wire shelving is designed for extreme environment such as cold room warehouse, refrigerated facilities and freezer rooms.

The anti-bacterial epoxy coating makes the shelving ideal for healthcare, pharmaceutical and F&B applications. The coating also protects the shelving from condensation.


  • Black Epoxy powder-coated (anti bacterial)
  • Brilliant high-gloss finish


  • Beautiful finish
  • Minimalist design
  • Anti-bacterial epoxy coating
  • Resistant to bending and warping unlike wooden shelving
  • Full ventilation for your goods
  • Unobstructed view of your goods


  • Walk-in cold rooms
  • Freezer rooms
  • Food and beverage storage
  • Seafood and meat storage
  • Hospitals
  • Food warehouse

Available Configurations

All measurements are given in inches:

  • L-36" x D18" - 4/5/6 levels
  • L-48" x D-18" - 4/5/6 levels
  • L-36" x D24" - 4/5/6 levels
  • L-48" x D-24" - 4/5/6 levels


Austinco wire shelving unit comes with truss in the middle of each shelf to ensure that the shelf can hold its load without warping or bending.

  • Single truss per D18" shelf
  • Double truss per D24" shelf
  • Shelf wire diameter (length): 4.3mm
  • Shelf wire diameter (depth): 3.3mm
  • Shelf wire diameter (side): 5.7mm
  • UDL: 200kg uniformly distributed load per shelf


To prevent damage to metal shelving during assembly, only use a good-quality rubber head mallet and hammer gently where necessary.

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Buy wire shelving online. Austinco is a Singapore-based shelving supplier. Our wire shelving are load-tested for safety, and are highly durable for long-term use.

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